First Meeting - October 10th

It has been a while since Oklahoma Rubyists have been able to get together and there is a plan to change that. Starting October 10th, we’re going to be meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month – 11:30am – 12:30pm at The Exchange.

In October, Jeremy Green is going to be showing us how valuable Rabl can be as a “view layer” for json api apps. We are also planning to have a 15 minute VPS cage match between Digital Ocean and Linode. The match will be officiated by Michael Gorsuch.

The lovable Octocats at Github are going to be sponsoring this meeting and providing lunch so the only thing required from you is to show up and learn.

We have funding, location and topics lined up through the end of 2013 and we humbly ask that you come join in the learning and community building with us. We will also be providing more information as the event gets closer. If you have issues with the meeting time, topic suggestions or really anything – please let us know so we can shape our community together.

{Jeremy, Michael, Rob}

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Avdi and the Shiprise Team