January 2015 Meeting

January 8th Meeting

Join us for a round-table discussion on refactoring. The TDD round-table went really well in September, and we’re excited to try it again. We want to hear your stories from the trenches of refactoring in real codebases. How do you decide to refactor someting? Are there tools or techniques that you find particularly useful? When do you attempt a refactor? Is it part of your regular workflow, or do you stop the world to refactor in isolation? Are things different for small refactorings vs large ones?

We (the organizers) are also interested to hear what you’d like to see from the group in 2015. Our current (tentative) plans involve finding a mix of local and regional speakers combined with some more virtual presentations from Rubyists across the country. If you have topics that you’d like to hear about (or speak about!) let us know.

Location: Prototek Time: 11:30 – 12:30

{Jeremy, Michael, Paul, Rob}

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