August 13th 2015 Meeting

Why Elixir & Phoenix.

This month Paul Lamb will join us to take a look at the reasons you’d want to use Elixir & Phoenix in your next project. For such a new language and framework, Elixir and Phoenix have taken off surprisingly quick. We’ll look specifically at why this is happening, and where you want to be thinking about using it. There will be code exploring the similarities/differences between Ruby and Elixir with some basic functional programming concepts to ease the transition. Once you unlearn a couple of things, your Rails background will be quite useful for getting things up and running on Phoenix in almost no time. Since we’re focusing on the “why”, this will be a great meeting to bring your manager to.

Paul Lamb is a fat, happy, photographer who has fed himself for 30 years as a computer guy. He also wrote this bio himself. ;)

Location: Prototek Time: 11:30 – 12:30

{Jeremy, Paul, Rob}