Feb 11, 2016 Meeting

This month we have some of OKC’s finest who were brave enough to volunteer to speak on a randomly chosen topic, in no particular order:

  • David Roberts – Ruby On Windows
  • Cort Spellman – Null Object Pattern
  • Clayton Flesher – Refinements
  • James Edward Gray II – Ruby 2.3
  • Paul Dawson – Docker

‘Popcorn talks’ were created to help alleviate some of the anxiety of topic selection and to give member’s a chance to present and learn about a topic they might not have otherwise. Presentations can be a bit longer than a traditional lightning talk, and topic choices were suggested by the group and put into a bag to be chosen by volunteers. This is OKC.rb’s first attempt at hosting these type of presentations, feedback (as always) is welcome and encouraged.

Code Of Conduct

Location: Prototek Time: 11:30 – 12:30

{Jeremy, Paul, Rob}

Prototek on Google Maps.