November 9 Meeting

Network Not Included

Constant internet access has become ingrained in our society. Consistent connectivity has been a blessing for learning, and will undoubtedly continue to drive innovation. However, with 12 percent of the United States without internet at home, many cannot access their important financial and health data, look for employment, or even keep up with current events. Many are forced to rely on cellular data or even public spaces offering internet access.

In short, internet connectivity places users into silos, with the connected silo being easy to fall out of, but difficult to break into.

What can developers do to bridge this gap? Is there anything short of free, universal internet that will solve this problem? The answer is yes. Using new technologies like Electron, Ionic, and React Native this talk will focus on using freely available tech to build on the work we’ve already done, while improving access to our products.

Carmen Bourlon is a software developer in Oklahoma City. By day, Carmen is a mild-mannered software developer, but by night she boxes, blogs, and tweets.

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Many thanks to Techlahoma for sponsoring the meeting by providing the food and use of the event center.

Location: StarSpace46 Time: 11:30 – 12:30

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